We Offer the Lowest Price on Indoor Trainers, Guaranteed.


We Offer the Lowest Price on Indoor Trainers, Guaranteed.

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All you’ll need to know about riding indoors for the winter months…

Go Ahead, Spin Your Wheels

“It was a cold and windy morning in Chestnut Hill, MA when I first learned what it was to use a trainer. The air was bitter and biting and even the toughest of the tough on the Boston College Cycling Team yielded to Mother Nature’s winter morning. But the Saturday morning simply could not be wasted. So seven spandex-clad cyclists gathered in the common room of an 8-man suite and set up their trainers for what was to be an epic day. It was, indeed, the Godfather Marathon day. Eight hours, four pizzas and seven very sore posteriors later, I swore never to use a trainer again.

But since the idea of venturing out in a snow storm at sub-ten degrees was less than enticing and spin bikes just don’t provide the same benefits, our trainer parties became quite the social event. It doesn’t seem fair that the Syracuse cyclists get the short end of the stick when it comes to riding weather, but how else would you keep the racing field even?

No way could we have enjoyed all those hours of Al Pacino if we couldn’t hear what he was saying. This is why fluid trainers are the most desirable. They’re quiet, easy to use and offer an infinite resistance curve. Managing a collegiate cycling team can be difficult but I can personally testify that managing the wrong kind of trainer can be worse. Precious minutes have been wasted pre-race while fighting with a cheap trainer just to set up a bike. All CycleOps trainers offer a quick release lever that is easily adjustable and incredibly simple to lock in and out. When trainers often seem parallel to the “dreadmill”, the last thing you want to do is spend 10 minutes trying to get your rear wheel to lock into the trainer.” –Jaime Lawlor

For the cycling enthusiast, trainers are as crucial as helmets. Winter months are when many of us tend to stray from our athletic regime. But what better to keep you on track than a new holiday toy? Keep your legs pedaling and your bike from gathering dust by training with a CycleOps indoor trainer. You already have the bike; now gain an entirely new piece of stationary equipment simply by adding a trainer to the back wheel. Watch your fitness increase and you’ll be enjoying the fruits of logging in hundreds of miles in the comfort of your own home.

At Syracuse Bicycle, we carry a wide range of CycleOps trainers, ranging in price from $169  to $1200. Our sales staff will help you find the perfect combination of features and price that works best for you. And we offer the lowest price indoor trainers in Central New York, guaranteed. So when you just can’t bring yourself to put on one more wool sock and if it breaks your heart to see that bike sitting lonely, untouched in the corner, your answer is simple; get an indoor trainer!

Under $400

The most economical and simple in the CycleOps lineup is the Wind; it has progressive resistance with a fan blade design and resistance is adjusted through the use of your gears. It has a nice road feel but is the noisiest of the line and gets louder when you raise resistance and speed. The Mag+ has five adjustable levels of linear resistance to accommodate your workout. It also includes a bar-mounted remote shifter for changing resistance levels while you ride. The Fluid2 is hands down our best selling trainer. It uses a larger flywheel to capture real road feel and provide for more momentum and stability of your rear wheel. Featuring PowerTuned technology, the Fluid2 feels more like riding on the road because your wheel accelerates and decelerates on an infinite resistance curve, just like it does outside.

Above $400

The Pro line from CycleOps includes the SuperMagneto Pro – the trainer built for tri-geeks, podium chasers and first time finishers alike.  It offers the most versatility by allowing you to adjust the resistance curves to fit a conditioned rider or a less physically fit rider. Or you can modify the curves to fit a big or small rider.  If you plan to share a trainer with another rider, the SuperMagneto Pro is the right choice.

Family asleep when you plan on riding indoors? With the NEW Silencer trainer, everyone can continue to sleep peacefully. Unbelievably quiet, the Silencer provides direct-drive technology, ultra-response resistance and unmatched road feel.  Remove your rear wheel and lock your drivetrain directly onto the unit for maximum stability. If you’re doing intervals, this trainer will truly stay stationary under you, and with no rear wheel, you don’t need to worry about kids or pets in the room or wear and tear on your road tires while you ride.  Available with or without a Shimano cassette.

Designed for the most demanding riders, the PowerBeam Pro offers the ultimate, real-world feel while allowing you to control the variables of training so you can be as efficient as possible (with power level control from 300 to 1000+ watts or slopes up to 10%). You’ve probably heard that an hour on the trainer is equivalent to two hours on the road…and the PowerBeam Pro is why. Cycleops PowerAgent software lets you plan a workout precisely, minute by valuable minute, and analyse your efforts for critical power, heart rate, cadence, and speed so you can ensure your workouts are effective for meeting your training goals.

The CycleOps Virtual Training software just may be the solution to your indoor training dilemma: simply choose a Virtual Training subscription – tablet or PC – and ride virtually anywhere in the world. The software adjusts the resistance of the PowerBeam Pro trainer to match the profile of the video (based user’s weight and the slope on which they are riding), and adjusts the video speed accordingly. Virtual riding has never been so simple, affordable, effective and fun!

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