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WHEN: Thursday, May 3rd, 4-7pm

WHERE: Green Lakes State Park, Fayetteville, NY

WHAT:  An opportunity to test ride an amazing titanium road or mountain bike handcrafted in the United States.  We’re the only authorized Moots dealer in New York state outside of NYC, so don’t miss your chance to see AND ride these high performance, hand-built bikes!

WHAT YOU NEED: Driver’s License, Pedals, Shoes, Cycling Clothes. Come ready to ride!!

RSVP: Please email if you plan on attending


What is a Moots?

Road. Mountain. Cross. Custom. All Moots titanium frames are hand built, one at a time to precision specs, to deliver a lifetime of outstanding riding regardless of your individual riding style. Looking for the latest race-ready road frame? A single-track swallowing cross country bike? No one offers the variety of high-end titanium frames like Moots.

Moots Craftmanship

Moots has been building high-performance bike frames since 1981. Each is meticulously fashioned out of premium US-made titanium tubing, allowing them to design every bike to the specific needs of the frame style and individual rider. Their purposeful design philosophy, their knowledge of the unique characteristics of titanium, and their relentless focus on craftsmanship come together in the creation of true lifetime bikes—whether your preference is asphalt, dirt or both.

Each tube miter and each weld, in every single frame we build, is done by hand. Checked by hand. Finished by hand. Polished by hand. Only then do you see they apply the Moots head badge. By hand, of course.

Why Ti?

Behold, the magical, mystery material. For two decades, Moots has built their bike frames exclusively out of premium US-made, Moots Pi Tech 3/2.5 titanium tubing. Why? Because no other material allows Moots the ability to finely tune every single frame to achieve the perfect ride quality in every single bike they make. They custom spec a proprietary blend of tube diameters and wall thicknesses for every single frame style and individual size in their line. This ensures that every single frame that leaves the factory delivers the same distinct ride characteristics, whether in the smallest or largest size in the fleet. Each and every tube is cold-worked, stress relieved seamless tubing that meets exacting specs for durability, stiffness, weight, and ultimately, ride experience. When you consider the lifetime you get out of each frame, it adds up to the perfect, magical frame material. The simple fact is: no other frame material can withstand the day-to-day rigors of the ride quite like ti. A Moots titanium frame will not deaden, loosen, crack, or otherwise degrade in its performance or comfort over time like virtually every other bike material on the planet. And it will outlast several generations of carbon fiber or aluminum frames, and always perform like the day you first rolled it out of your local shop. Down the road, Moots can even refinish your well-ridden Moots frame to look like new without compromising any of the materials properties though our Refurb Program.


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