Extend Your Riding Season


Extend Your Riding Season

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Riding in the autumn and even into winter is more fun than it sounds, once you’ve found the right clothing combination. Cooler, often changeable temps simply mean you’ll need to apply some strategy when you’re picking out your dress for the ride. Too few clothes, and you’ll freeze. Too many and you’ll burn up. Smart riders know that layering your clothes is the key to success. Dressing in several light layers allows you to add and remove clothes as the temperature changes and as your body heats up or cools off.

Here’s a tried and tested guide to help you get started:

Temperature Clothing Options
65°–70° Start with base layer; short-sleeved jersey; shorts; short finger gloves; socks
60°–65° Add arm warmers; full-finger gloves
55°–60° Swap in knickers or knee warmers; thicker socks
50°–55° Swap in leg warmers; Add a vest
45°–50° Swap in thicker gloves; a long-sleeved jersey; Add toe covers; a sock layer
40°–45° Swap in tights; long-sleeved base layer; a thin hat (you may need to loosen your helmet) Tip: Bring rain gear: Forty degrees and drizzle will chill you faster than 15 degrees and snow.
35°–40° Swap in shoe covers or winter shoes; thick hat or balaclava
30°–35° Swap in heavier tights; lobster gloves or mittens
25°–30° Add a second long-sleeved jersey; a midlayer sock
25°and below Add base-layer short and/or knee warmers under tights



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