Make Your Child Smile With a New Bicycle


Make Your Child Smile With a New Bicycle

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Kid’s bikes are a uniquely memorable Christmas gift. We love hearing stories from adults about receiving their first bike at Christmas. How many other gifts do you recall receiving 20 or 30 years later?

We offer free storage until Christmas Eve, so you can better surprise your child on the big morning. We’re open 7 days a week and look forward to helping you make your child’s holiday one they’ll remember for years to come.

Occasionally people ask us why they should buy a kids bike from us, when they can buy a bike at Target or Walmart for less money. There are a couple reasons for this, but the most tangible is the quality of our bikes and the expertise we have in assembling and maintaining the bikes that we sell.

For instance, every bike that we sell is assembled by one of our professional mechanics. In comparison, a bike you buy at a department store is hastily put together by someone in the warehouse. We take the safety of our customers very seriously, and make sure that every bike we sell is properly assembled and tuned. It takes our mechanics an hour or more (depending on model) to assemble a bike, as opposed to the 15-25 minutes at a department store.

We also offer a 30-day guarantee to ensure that the bike you buy from us fits and is the one your child really wants. After a few weeks of riding, the bike may need a minor tune-up as parts wear in. If this happens, we welcome you to bring the bike back within 6 months and we’ll give it a safety check to make sure everything is running right.

The following size recommendations are based on your child’s height and age. Because children grow at different rates, height measurements are more accurate than age recommendations. If your child is between two sizes we can help you find the right size.

Balance Bikes — Ages 2-4

Balance bikes have no pedals and are designed to teach toddlers balance, the basics of steering, and help them learn to ride without training wheels.

Kids sit low to the ground and intuitively push their feet to propel the bike. Your child is probably ready for a balance bike as soon as they can swing their leg over the seat.



 Strider Bike – $99

12″ Bikes — Approx. Ages 2-4 / Height 35-40″

Trek Mystic 12"

Trek Mystic 12″  $189.99

Trek Jet 12"

Trek Jet 12″ –  $189.99

16″ Bikes — Approx. Ages 3-6 / Height 39-46″

Trek Mystic 16"

Trek Mystic 16″ $209.99

Trek Jet 16"

Trek Jet 16″  $209.99

20″ Bikes — Approx. Ages 5-8 / Height 45-52″

Trek Mystic 20"

Trek Mystic 20″ $229.99

Trek Mountain Track 60

Trek Mountain Track 20″ $329.99

Trek Jet 20"

Trek Jet 20″ $229.99

24″ Bikes — Approx. Ages 7-12 / Height 51-63″

Trek Mountain Track 200 Boys

Trek Mountain Track 200 Boy’s $309.99

Trek Mountain Track 200 Girls

Trek Mountain Track 200 Girl’s  $309.99

Trek Mountain Track 220 Boys

Trek Mountain Track 220 Boy’s  $389.99

Trek Mountain Track 220 Girls

Trek Mountain Track 220 Girl’s $389.99

Big Kid Bikes — Approx. Ages 12+ / Height 62″ and above

Trek 3500

Trek 3500  $439.99

Trek Skye

Trek Skye $439.99

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