Trek Domane Trumps Roubaix for Road Bike Action Magazine


Trek Domane Trumps Roubaix for Road Bike Action Magazine

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Domane 6 Series with IsoSpeed has it all: Blistering speed. Incredible comfort and stability, even on the punishing pavé of Flanders and Roubaix. Welcome to a new class of race bike.

Domane 6 Series vs. Specialized Roubaix: RoadBikeAction_DomaneWins!

Powering over centuries-old cobbles, charging up dizzying climbs, descending on rails to an epic win. That’s how Fabian Cancellara rides his Domane. How will you ride yours?

Highlights /

    1. High performance

      OCLV Carbon frame. Race-optimized cable routing. World Champion Fabian Cancellara’s seal of race-ready approval. Performance doesn’t get any higher than this.

    1. Efficient

      Domane makes the most of every pedal stroke. Our Power Transfer Construction stiffens the frame to transfer your pedaling power directly to the road. No waste, all win.

    1. Stable

      Balanced, race-stable geometry and integrated chain keeper give Domane extraordinary handling and flawless shifting on any road, under any load. This bike will not let you down.

  1. Smooth

    Long days and rough roads are no match for IsoSpeed technology. Our innovative decoupler doubles vertical compliance so you ride stronger, longer.


What people are saying /

5/5 stars: We tore through potholed country lanes in astonishing comfort. The feeling of being isolated from shocks with no adverse effect on pedalling action or steering deflection was uncanny, and the Domane was as fast uphill or on the flat as any superbike we’ve ridden.

Robin Wilmott

…when we hit our first section of cobbles every single journalist on the ride had the same reaction—this thing really works! I could hit the cobbles at full speed without being thrown to and fro, allowing me to keep the pressure on the pedals without the hits affecting my pedal stroke.

Road Bike Action Magazine

As we ramped up the pace to roll into the first climb and smashed into the cobbles the rear ISO Speed de‐coupler did an astounding job. It soaked up the carnage at the contact patch with amazing aplomb.

Peloton Magazine


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