Trek Superfly Delivers Speed and Efficiency


Trek Superfly Delivers Speed and Efficiency

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Superfly raises the bar for 29er hardtail mountain bike performance. This lineup of aluminum, carbon, and super-light-carbon XC rockets is more than fast. It’s the fastest.

Superfly delivers the pinnacle of cross country speed and efficiency. If going fast is everything you’re looking for, Superfly is your ride.


1. Super-light Apollo design

Our cross-disciplinary Apollo Development Project resulted in unprecedented weight savings and performance gains on our carbon SL models.

2. 29″ wheels

Big wheels roll faster, maintain momentum, improve traction, and clear obstacles more easily.

3. G2: a better-handling 29er

Advanced frame geometry and a custom offset fork give you precise handling at low speed without compromising high-speed stability.

4. More ways to go fast

The 2013 lineup includes the aluminum models plus two distinct carbon frames, including a high-end SL frame for unprecedented lightweight performance.

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