Save Big on Fat Bikes in February!

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fat bikesAll In Stock Trek Farley and Borealis Echo Fat Bikes – 10% off

Deeper Discounts on Select Models
2016 Salsa Beargrease X5, Reg. $1599, Sale $1095
Farley EX 8, Reg. $3499, Sale $2995
Salsa Bucksaw GX1, Reg. $3999, On Sale $2295
Salsa Bucksaw XO1, Reg. $4999, On Sale $2995


Originating in Alaska some ten years ago, these monster tire bikes have spread to the “lower 48” like wildfire…or more aptly like a giant snowball tumbling down a mountain. They first became popular in other cold weather states like Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan and are now turning into the “must have” bike of the 2016 season right here in Central New York.

We were the first local shop to sell a “fattie” – as they’re affectionately known – back in 2011, when we first brought in a complete line of Surly Pugsleys and Moonlanders. Our fat bike offering has since expanded to include 5 different models of the Trek Farley, Salsa Beargreases and Bucksaws and the Borealis Echo. And as the bike companies improved upon the design and technology behind the fat bike in the past 5 years, our sales have grown considerably.

A ”fat” bike will take you where none of your other bikes will. It gets you the gawking (and jealous!) stares of friends and strangers alike. It is a true exploration bike…and it is so much fun to ride!  Once you’ve spent a winter outside playing on your fat bike in the snow, indoor cycling won’t even seem like an alternative anymore for staying in shape over the winter months.

If you’re not sure you’re quite ready to buy a fat bike, we are excited to again offer our local community the opportunity to rent a fat bike for the day (or the entire week!) to see for yourself if fat biking can become your new favorite winter time activity. Rental fees can be applied to your purchase, should you decide you’re ready to take the plunge and own one for yourself.

See below for rental rates and all the fine print our lawyers make us include. Call 315.446.6816 to reserve your bike.

Fat Bike Rental Pricing

Rental PeriodCost
Half Day, 2pm-6pm$50
Full Day, 10am-6pm$75
Two Full Days $125
Five Full Days$225

Available Rental Models

Trek Farley 9
Borealis Yampa
Salsa Beargrease X5
Cannondale Fat CAAD

Our Rental Policies

We strongly suggest that reserve your bike in advance as we typically rent every bike in our inventory on weekends and holidays.

All rentals fees must be pre-paid when you make your reservation. Please note that we have a 48 hour Cancellation policy. If you do not cancel a reservation 48 hours prior to the rental we will bill your credit card for one day of the rental. You will be required to sign a waiver and credit card slip for the full retail value of the bike you are renting. This credit card slip is destroyed when the bike is returned in good condition. Your rental fee can be applied toward the purchase of a new bike.

Please be nice to your bike, you are responsible for all damage to the equipment.

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