Winter. You’ll Miss It When It’s Gone.

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new wallWinter blahs. We all get them. Particularly here at the shop when January and February seem down right desolate compared to the hustle and bustle of our spring and summer seasons. So we do things to keep ourselves busy. Like taking a full physical inventory of the store. Yes, we count every item in the store, down to the last chain link and inner tube. Think of it as cleaning out your closets, but on a much grander scale. We’re all glad that’s finished for the year!

We also typically take on big projects, like our recent renovation of our service area. We paneled the back walls, put in a new floor, and invested in some pretty sweet cabinets to keep our considerable parts inventory organized and readily accessible. We were pretty proud to maintain 24-48 hours turn around time in our service department last year, and expect we’ll be able to help give you and your bike more time on the road and less time in the repair shop this coming season as well.

Our new service area wall and new floor might seem like merely cosmetic changes, but in the words of one of our mechanics, Matt, “The new wall and floor are so nice, I’m excited to come to work and stoked to keep everything nice and organized.” Sometimes it’s the changes in our environment that can make us more productive and lift our spirits just enough to get us through our long winter to spring.

fat bikesBut what if you need a bigger incentive to truly embrace winter?  We know it’s hard to get yourself (and not to mention your bike) geared up for winter riding. But we rarely hear anyone say they’re sorry they got outside. We’re making it easy for you by putting all our in-stock inventory of Trek, Salsa and Borealis fat bikes on sale, anywhere from 10-30% off. If you’re still not quite sure you’ll enjoy riding outside, we have Fat Bike Rentals available for the day, half the day or the entire weekend. Just call the shop for availability. In the meantime, watch this video. It’s often our littlest riders who show us what it truly means to let yourself be a kid again.



knitta-street-art-in-santa-monica-2We all know relationships take work, and that includes you and winter. Self care is important, but taking care of your bike is crucial. You might not have to go to the extreme this proud bike owner did by knitting a sweater to cover her (his?) bike, although we admit it shows a love above and beyond. What you do need to do is be sure to regularly wash the winter salt off your bike, wipe down the frame and pay special attention to your drivetrain. Keep those delicate parts clean, dry and lubed. We can show you how at one of our New Bike Orientation Classes. Or you can go a step further and join us for our Bicycle Maintenance Intensive, a series of three 2 and 1/2 hour classes on Wednesdays beginning February 15th from 6-8:30pm where you’ll learn how to do basic repairs and adjustments. Call the shop to reserve your spot; we only have 8 spots available and they will go quickly!

IMG_2592A few parting thoughts. There is strength in numbers and there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. We hope to see many of you at our Cazenovia Fat Bike Race at Empire Farm Brewing (33 Rippleton Road in Cazenovia) on Sunday, February 12th. Even if you don’t have a fat bike, it’s a super fun event for the entire family with a snowman building contest, games, and warm fire pits to stand by as you cheer on our riders. And be sure to stop by the shop beforehand for our Winter Clothing Sale, including 30% off Patagonia casual wear! Ah yes, winter. We’ll miss you when you’re gone.

Happy Riding,

Trish and Paul

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