2018 Point to Pint Ride Routes


2018 Point to Pint Ride Routes

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Register at https://www.bikereg.com/the-point-to-pint-ride


Saturday, August 11, 2018
at Empire Farm Brewery in Cazenovia

The Point to Pint Ride is for cyclists who enjoy great beer, phenomenal scenery, and the opportunity to push themselves on a 100-mile or 50-mile challenging course.

Afraid of long term commitments? Try The Sampler – a 25-mile beginner friendly ride. More about the beer than the bike? The 15 mile Slo Mo’ Ride is for you.

The Full Pint – 100 miles of incredible Madison County scenery. Not for the faint of heart, featuring 5500 feet of elevation.


The Half Pint – Half the distance, half the challenge but still but still packs a punch with close to 2700 feet of elevation.

The Sampler – Try out just a bit of the challenging terrain featured in our longer rides and earn your post ride food and drink!

The Slo Mo’ is the perfect distance for the recreational rider. Easily ridden in an hour to and hour and a half; you’re back at Empire for the Post Ride Party before you know it!

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