COVID-19 Updates 3/23/20


COVID-19 Updates 3/23/20

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We took a sigh of relief yesterday when we received approval from ESD as an “essential” business, being that we repair bicycles used as a means of transportation.


What does this mean?


* We remain OPEN, but are making prudent changes. We will be running abbreviated hours and staff. Please check back at for updates. Facemasks are required for entry.


* We are further limiting the amount of customers in the store at any given moment. For this reason we are highly encouraging customers to email or call ahead so we can accommodate as much as possible in order to decrease everyone’s potential exposure. We will have staff answering emails, calls, and inquiries from home. Facemasks are required for entry


* Cash is not accepted at this time.  We are limiting transactions to contactless payment methods (debit/credit card & over the phone payment)


* We are extremely grateful for the sense of community our shop has and miss the days of casual conversation and high fives, but we ask for the meantime that you enter the shop with need and intention. It would be devastating to put you or our staff at risk over carelessness.


* We are continuing to regularly and thoroughly disinfect the shop to the best of our abilities. We have plenty of medical grade rubber gloves. Maintaining six feet at all times will be required. If we can accommodate without you having us come into the store, let’s make that happen. We’re happy to grab your bike from outside or place your bike outside. We’re flexible and prefer to keep it safe.


Lastly, we ask for patience. We are updating our policies and workflow to a constantly evolving situation on the fly. We are always open to recommendations on how to better serve you during this time. Please email recommendations directly to Don’t be shy!


Stay healthy & hopeful. One silver lining in all of this is that we can still ride bikes. For health and sanity, we encourage you to do so.


Sincere thanks for all of the support we’ve received the past few weeks,
All of us at SB

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