People We Love


Welcome to PEOPLE WE LOVE!

One of the benefits of running a bike shop is meeting amazing people every day. Below is our growing selection of stories about our customers. We hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us!




Anne Trachtenberg

“I have learned that dedication and perseverance goes hand in hand with triathlon.  There may be times in races when you think that you cannot go any further, but knowing how much hard work and effort went into training allows you to dig deep and overcome what your mind is trying to tell your body.  By training, whether a Sprint or an Ironman, completing your goal race gives you that sense of confidence that you can do anything that you put your mind to.”

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 Shawn Hunter     

“Living a healthier life really allows you to take control of your life.  In changing my own life around I stumbled upon become a mentor without setting out to do so.  Many people have reached out to me as a result of being inspired about my story.  Knowing that I have made a great impact in the live of others is quite humbling. And besides spending time with my daughter or being on my bike, I truly enjoy helping people and make a difference.”

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