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Syracuse Bicycle is proud to offer a second season for young cyclists in Central New York with the sb Juniors Cycling Team and the sb Kids on Bikes Club. Our mission is the positive development of young men and women through cycling with a focus on strong mind, strong body and strong character. Our goal with the sb Junior Team is to help those kids who love riding their bike to get started on the racing side, using the discipline of cyclocross in the fall.  We are not an “elite” only program; we will help your child develop the skills and habits of an effective racer, to include technical skills, training, nutrition, and – most of all – how to have fun on your bike! sb Juniors and sb Kids on Bikes is open to anyone within the greater Syracuse area who will be 10 – 18 years old on Dec 31st, 2017. Our program for juniors begins Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at Green Lakes State Park. Our Kids on Bikes Program begins Saturday, September 10, 2016 at Green Lakes State Park.


Please email your contact information to and indicate your program choice. Please also fill out the following Athlete Medical History and Waiver and bring to your first practice.



Please select the appropriate program using the drop down menu below and submit payment using our secure PayPal account

Syracuse Bicycle Juniors and Kids on Bikes Programs


WHAT sbJuniors AND sbKidsOnBikes PROVIDES

***Age- and ability-appropriate racing and training opportunities designed for juniors within a supportive team environment

***Direction and advice on starting and advancing in the sport of cycling

***“Strong Body, Strong Mind” focus on good character development of young student-athlete cyclists



For the 2016 season, your cyclocross racing age is your age on December 31, 2017. In order to purchase a junior racing license from USA Cycling, a rider must be at least 9 years old by Dec 31, 2017. The oldest age eligible for the SB Juniors team, and to race as a junior for this season, is 18 years of age on Dec 31, 2017.


U19 Team – Designed for those with a cyclocross racing age of 15 to 18. Participants should have cyclocross as their primary sport for the racing season (September – November). Team racers are required to enter at least 3 cyclocross races during the season. U19 racers are expected to participate in at least 2 team training sessions per week during cyclocross season (Tuesdays, 4-6pm AND Saturdays, 10am-12noon). Racers in this age group will have service and leadership opportunities, with an expectation to lead at least THREE (3) Saturday Kids on Bikes sessions (8-10am).

U15 Team – Designed for those with a cyclocross racing age of 10 to 14. Participants should have cyclocross as their primary sport for the racing season (September – November). Team racers are required to race in at least 3 races during the season. U15 racers are expected to participate in at least 1 team training session per week during cyclocross season (Tuesdays, 4-6pm and/or Saturdays, 10am-12noon). There is no expectation for U15 riders to attend the Saturday Kids on Bikes session, but U15 riders are welcome to ride along and will certainly benefit from the added ride time!

sb Kids on Bikes Club – This participation level is for kids (ages 10 – 18) who cannot commit to the required training and racing schedule as sbJunior Team Racers. This group is also for the youngest racers who are just getting started and want to learn how to be a better cyclist. There is no requirement to race, although we love to see everyone give racing a try because it’s fun and also because it is an important part of skill development. The Fall Club rides (5 rides in total) are Saturday mornings, September 10 – October 15, 2016 from 8-10am at Green Lakes State Park (No ride on October 8). Included is an SB Juniors T-shirt. Club level members do not participate in regular SB Juniors team training sessions (held on Tuesdays & Saturdays)



  • You must love to ride your bike and want to increase your skills and get stronger and faster.
  • Cyclocross racing experience is NOT required.
  • U15 TEAM and U19 TEAM racers must purchase an annual USA Cycling junior racing license ($35).
  • You will need to provide your own bike, either a cyclocross bike or a mountain bike. It needs to fit well and be in good operating condition. A properly fitting helmet is also required.


sb Juniors team registration fees cover a little less than half of the cost of running and insuring our programs. All of our team staff and board are volunteers who love the sport and want to share it with kids. We make up the difference between costs and team fees by our grass roots fundraising efforts. In order to keep the sport affordable, we do several fund raising efforts and without these we would need to increase the cost of our programs significantly.

For 2016 cyclocross season, sb Juniors are asking all parents of kids in the U15 and U19 Team levels to commit to at least 5 hours volunteering. We know that all of our families have very full schedules and juggle many priorities, and may not be able to commit to this and so we are offering a non-discounted registration option for these families. Our fundraising events this season will include Waffle/Beverage Sales at most local cyclocross races, exact races to be determined. There is also an opportunity for team members and parents to volunteer at the Syracuse Bicycle Breast Cancer Awareness Ride on Saturday, October 1st, 2016.


Registration CategoryCX Racing Age EligibilitySeason Fee WITHOUT Volunteer Discount*Season Fee WITH Volunteer Discount*ClothingUSA Cycling Junior Racing License Fee**Training Days
Kids on Bikes10-18$50$50T ShirtNot required Saturdays 8am-10am
U19 Team15-18$200$125Jersey, Bib Shorts$35Tuesdays, 4-6pm, Saturdays 10am-12pm, AT LEAST 3 Saturdays 8am-10am
U15 Team 10-14$200$125Jersey, Bib Shorts$35Tuesdays, 4-6pm and Saturdays, 10am-12pm.

**Registration coming soon!

Multi-child discount from the same family: 10% off. Please use the coupon code MULTI-CHILD when you register

**USA Cycling Junior license can be purchased here: A USA Cycling License is required for U19/U15 Teams riders.

IMPORTANT – when you purchase your license you need to specify your CLUB and TEAM. Your TEAM is “SB JUNIORS”. Your Club is Syracuse Bicycle Cycling Club.


SB Juniors racers are eligible for discounts on merchandise from our team sponsor, Syracuse Bicycle, to include 10% off bikes, car racks, and Garmin products and 15% off clothing and accessories.


The team will provide race clothing according to the participation level selected, and the athletes should always race in the team kit. The race team clothing is exclusive to the Syracuse Bicycle Junior team and will not be worn by anyone else. In addition to what the team provides, you will also need:

  • Under armour style long sleeve mock tee or similar to wear under the kit when it’s cold.
  • Tights to wear under the kit when it’s cold.
  • Gloves for when it’s cold.
  • Race temperatures could be anywhere between 80 and 0 Fahrenheit. Hat / Helmet liner.


U19 and U15 Team members are required to race in at least 3 of the races listed below that comprise the CNY Cyclocross Cup. Juniors will be awarded points based on results in these races, with the overall points winners receiving medals for the top three in each of the following categories: U19 Male, U19 Female, U15 Male and U15 Female. The more you race, the more opportunities to win points! Race registration fees are NOT included in the team membership fees.

August 27th         Syracuse Bicycle Cyclocross Festival@Red Barn20  – Cazenovia, NY


Sunday, September 18     Kirkland Cyclocross, Clinton, NY  Junior Race @ 9am
Saturday, October 1st       Syracross – Highland Forest – Fabius, NY Junior Race @ 12:15pm
Saturday, October 1st       Syracuse Bicycle Breast Cancer Awareness Ride at Green Lakes State Park  10am (10-mile Erie Canal Ride)

Sunday, October 2nd        Cross out Child Abuse – Oswego, NY  Junior Race @ 9am

Saturday, October 15th     Dave Panella Memorial – Greene, NY  Junior Race @11:15am

Saturday, October 22nd    Salt City Cyclocross Spectacular (Day 1) – Syracuse, NY  Junior Race @ 2pm

Sunday, October 23rd       Salt City Cyclocross Spectacular (Day 2) – Syracuse, NY   Junior Race @ 2pm

Sunday, November 6th     Cider Cross – Lafayette, NY Junior Race @ 1:30pm

Sunday, November 13      Cobb Hill Cyclocross – Rochester, NY  Junior Race @ 9:45am


Sunday, November 20th   Turkey Cross – Honeoye Falls, NY  Junior Race @ 10:20am


Races are usually on Sunday, though there are a few Saturday races. Please register ahead of time online if you know you can attend. You should plan to arrive minimum 1.5 hours before the race start time in order to have the best pre-race preparation. You need to finalize registration, get dressed, and warm up. Warmups are very important in cyclocross. Races are very high intensity and your motor needs to be ready at the start. Courses are also very different and it helps to practice. There are usually short periods in between races when you can practice on the course and you need to be early to do this. The team will usually have a team “base camp” at races, including a tent and snacks. We will look for help from parents and older racers to set this up.


Cyclocross races go on in all weather. Snow, rain, does not matter. This is sometimes very hard for kids and you need to prepare for it. But this is one of the things that makes the sport special. Weather and conditions offer special opportunities for growing in virtue and skill. Weather is one of the things that brings out the best in us.


Director: Trish Dugan, ph. 315-263-7575, email

Coaching Staff/Advisory Board: Caryle Zipprich, Tyler Andre, Ben Rabin, Tim Taber, MaryBeth Romagnoli