Syracuse Bicycle Cyclocross Festival


SBCX 2018

Syracuse Bicycle Cyclocross Festival 

Crafted by Pointway Coaching

Please join us for a two great days of cyclocross revelry! We start with a Saturday clinic that will leave you sharper for the upcoming season and decidedly a bit more “in-tune” (wink, wink) with the race track you will face Sunday at SBCX 2018.

Giddy Up! CX Clinic – Saturday, August 25th, 9-2pm at Empire Farm Brewery

Brought to you by Pointway Coaching

Cost: $60


Tim O’Shea of Pointway Coaching will cover all the basics of cyclocross racing and then some. You’ll learn proper mount/dismount techniques, how to corner, run through barriers, shoulder the bike and sprint up steep slopes like a mountain goat. We’ll break for snacks then follow with more skills and drills, race tactics, race starts, and how to ride uneven, off-camber terrain. The clinic will wrap up with lunch, a Q&A session, tips on equipment and suggested CX specific conditioning.

A cyclocross bike will be your best equipment option for the clinic, but a mountain bike will do in a pinch if you’re interested in learning about CX but don’t have a bike yet. Clinic participants will get a free lunch, a pint glass, and a 10% discount toward that new CX bike of your dreams at Syracuse Bicycle.

SB Promise: Besides the skills gathered, we can almost guarantee that cyclocross will soon become your favorite cycling discipline and that a cyclocross bike will also become the favored steed in your stable. From the efforts themselves to the camaraderie and atmosphere of the events, the sport has FUN, FUN, FUN written all over it from top to bottom. There isn’t a more versatile bike available…it goes where a mountain bike goes, accepts wider tires and fenders for off-season training and commuting, and can become a road bike with a swap of tire. The list goes on. If you can only have one bike – this is it.

Coach Tim OShea – Pointway Coaching
tim oshea
Hard to get my mind around it because I still think I’m a kid, but I’ve double checked the math . . . 35 years I’ve been at this endurance stuff.  I completed a half marathon in 6th grade and I have not looked back since!  The target of my passion has moved around some (road, mtb, cross, marathons, ultra marathons, triathlons, 24-hour fundraisers) but the one passion that has not waivered even a  bit is coaching!  Coaching has been the most rewarding, from the grade school cross country runners to elite cx racers I have coached over the last decade, it’s crystal clear to me that coaching is a passion that resides deep in my DNA.  I know this because there is one simple litmus test – I care about the results of each athlete I coach more than my own!”  –Tim O’Shea

SBCX 2018

Syracuse Bicycle Cyclocross Festival
Crafted by Pointway Coaching

Sunday, August 26th at Empire Farm Brewery

8:30am – 30 minutes (One Day License Only)
Citizen Men ($20) 8:30am – NO PRIZES
Citizen Women ($20) 8:32am – NO PRIZES

9:10am – 30 minutes

Cat 4/5 Men ($35) 9:10am Top 3 Medals
Junior Boys U19 ($10) 9:12am Top 3 Medals
Junior Boys U15 ($10) 9:14am Top 3 Medals

10:00am – 30 minutes

Singlespeed Men ($35) 10:00am Top 3 Medals
Singlespeed Women ($35) 10:02 am Top 3 Medals
Cat 4/5 Women ($35) 10:04am Top 3 Medals
Junior Girls U19 ($10) 10:06am Top 3 Medals
Junior Girls U15 ($10) 10:06am Top 3 Medals

11:00am – 45 minutes

Masters Men 35+ (Cat 1-4) ($35) 11:00am Top 3 Medals
Masters Men 45+ (Cat 1-4) ($35) 11:02am Top 3 Medals
Masters Men 55+ (Cat 1-4) ($35) 11:04am Top 3 Medals

12:00pm Kids Race – 15 minutes – Free – Under 12 Medals

12:30pm – 45 minutes

Cat 3/4 Men ($35) 12:30pm Top 3 Medals
Open Women (Cat 1-4) ($35) 12:32pm $150/$100/$50
Fat Bike ($35) 12:34pm Top 3 Medals

1:30pm – 60 min

Open Men (Cat 1/2/3) ($35)  $150/$100/$50



Remember when Team tents were free? We do. So pull up a team tent at no extra cost. Just let us know in advance so we can plan the space accordingly. Only one car per team tent please.


EMPIRE FARM BREWERY, est.2016, is the largest Farm Brewery on the East Coast. Over 22 acres were developed for educational and beer production purposes. Boasting a new 60 bbl automated brewhouse, the Empire Farm Brewery is producing kegs and bottles for regional, national and international distribution. Located in Cazenovia, NY, the property also grows hops, lavender, vegetables, herbs, and fruits for use in the brewing process and to support the needs of Empire’s downtown brewpub.

SBCX will NOT be a grass crit. It will offer a nice mix of grass, technical sections, elevation changes and some classic CX features that the beautiful grounds at Empire Farm Brewery offer. Plan on an exciting course crafted by Pointway Coaching that will leave you challenged, but happy.

We highly encourage pre-registering, but certainly understand that some racers need flexibility, so race day registration will be available, but will close 30 mins prior to the start of the race. Additional charge of $10.00 for day-of-registration. Registration includes commemorative pint glass and post race lunch of a Hoffman Beer Bratwurst and a ticket to enjoy one of Empire’s award winning craft beers. Additional food and drink available for purchase. Bring the family!

Other Snipets

If a field minimum of 10 riders are not entered at race time, promoter reserves the right to combine fields.

You must have a USA Cycling License or purchase a one day license for $15.00

One-Day license holders MAY race in ONLY the following: CITIZENS RACES, CAT 5 Men’s and CAT 5 Women’s races. All other race entrants must have a valid USA Cycling license.

Staging is based on crossresults ranking.

Day of race entrants will be staged behind pre-registered racers and in the order they registered in.

Professional Neutral Race Support by Syracuse Bicycle

Additional races are only $10!

Sunday’s race is part of the CNY Cup Cyclocross Points Series