Bicycle Fitting


fitting1Why get a fitting?

For many, there are a couple possible reasons.  First is to be comfortable on the bike, or in many cases to eliminate discomfort!  An improper bike fit can lead to a sore back, sore shoulders, numb hands, knee pain, or numbness or pain in, well, let us just call them “bad” places. You probably spent a fair amount of money on your bike and equipment. Don’t let an unnecessary injury or discomfort keep you from enjoying your time on the bike, or even worse, prevent you from riding at all because that would make us sad. The second reason many people get a fitting is to maximize power, efficiency, and aerodynamics. Just because your bike “feels” and “looks” ok doesn’t mean that you are riding at your potential. Most of us want to be faster.  Whether it is a casual ride with friends or an important race, don’t let a poor fit be the reason your wife beats you to the top of the hill.

What does it cost?

Somewhere between Free and $300 plus any required parts, such as a new seat, stem, or handlebars. We offer three levels of fitting along with “a la carte” options.  See below or email for details.