Our Fit Philosophy


Ride faster, longer, more comfortably, and reduce your chance of injury!

Get Fit by the Best

Would you want someone that took a two day course in dentistry to give you a root canal?  Probably not. Is a bike fit the same as a root canal? No, because your fitting will be a very pleasurable experience. To Syracuse Bicycle, fitting isn’t just a hobby or a necessary evil to sell bikes; it is one of our passions because we truly want people to love and enjoy riding their bikes. Our fitters hold certifications from Serotta’s International Cycling Institute (SICI), RETUL, Fit Institute of Slow Twitch (F.I.S.T.) and Trek Precision Fit.  With our focus on a dynamic fitting protocol and investment into our private fit studio, motion capture systems, dynamic fit bike and on-hand selection of fit components; our level of commitment is unprecedented. Helping each of our customers ride longer, faster and more comfortably is what we are here for.


Benefits of a Professional Bicycle Fit Consultation

For many, there are a couple of possible reasons.  First is to be comfortable on the bike, or in many cases to eliminate discomfort!  An improper bike fit can lead to a sore back, sore shoulders, numb hands, knee pain, or numbness or pain in, well, let us just call them “bad” places. You probably spent a fair amount of money on your bike and equipment. Don’t let an unnecessary injury or discomfort keep you from enjoying your time on the bike, or even worse, prevent you from riding at all. Different bikes fit differently, but your range of motion, sensitivity to pain, and overall fitness play into how your bike should fit you. The appropriate type of bike depends upon your body and the type of riding you want to do. As we get older, despite our best efforts, our needs will change.

The second reason many people get a fitting is to maximize power, efficiency, and aerodynamics. Just because your bike “feels” and “looks” ok doesn’t mean that you are riding at your potential. Most of us want to be faster or able to ride longer, or at least maintain our current level of performance.  Whether it is a casual ride with friends or an important race, don’t let a poor fit be the reason you don’t perform at your highest potential.


Complimentary Sizing with Every Bike Purchase

We include complimentary bicycle sizing with every bike purchased from Syracuse Bicycle. This assures that you will receive both the ideal bicycle size for you and the approximate recommended saddle height determined by examining your leg and knee extension. While not nearly as extensive as a professional bicycle fit, our salespeople are trained in bicycle sizing under the watchful eye our of Fitting Manager.


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