Our Service Packages


Skillful Bike Service by Expert Mechanics
The Best a Bike Can Get…

Our service packages cover a range of services intended to accommodate every type of bike and every kind of rider, no matter your experience or ability. If the service packages seem too involved for your needs, you can always choose just what you need from our Ala Carte Installation and Adjustment menu. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

The Pump and Polish – Race Prep… $45
Your answer to “It should be fine– just shine her up.”

  • It’s a quick, but thorough, specialized service to make sure a well-maintained bike is sparkling ready for the tortures of race day. If you have a race and your bike needs a wash, polish, and lube, and maybe a tweak or two, or you just got caught out on a rainy day; we can spruce up your machine so it looks like new and rides silky smooth.

The Tune, Pump and PolishClassic Tune… $69   Single Speed Bicycles…$45
Like washing your face, hair and pits in the sink…  It’s no shower, but enough to get you out the door and through the day.

  • Complete inspection and safety check – fasteners tightened and torqued
  • Frame and fork rubbed down with a warm towel (Actually, it’s a red shop rag but it gets the job done…) and lightly polished
  • Brakes and derailleurs aligned and adjusted to perfection
  • Bottom bracket, headset and wheel bearings adjusted
  • Rear derailleur hanger tightened and aligned
  • Chain lightly degreased and lubricated
  • Cables and pivot points lubricated
  • Wheels laterally trued
  • Tires inspected and inflated to recommended air pressure
  • Bike test ridden before final inspection
  • Any additional parts and accessories purchased from SB installed at 50% labor rate

The Pimp, Pump and Polish – Deluxe Tune… $99
A sparkling, clean bike and gunk-free drivetrain can be transcendent…

  • Includes all the same services as Tune, Pump and Polish plus a bit more
  • All components removed from your bike, inspected and given a luxurious ultrasonic bath & spa treatment
  • Components rinsed, dried, lubricated and reinstalled
  • Wheels completely trued and properly tensioned
  • Any additional drivetrain parts purchased from SB installed at no additional cost
  • Suspension services and Hydraulic Brake Bleed services will incur additional expense

The Supreme Pimp, Pump and Polish Complete Overhaul: $225
It’s like wiping the slate clean… your bike is reborn.

  • Includes all the same services as the Pimp, Pump and Polish plus all of the finer things
  • Your bike is completely stripped down to the bare frame & then fully prepared for reassembly
  • Bearing surfaces cleaned and prepped
  • Loose ball bearings replaced & repacked with fresh grease.  Cartridge bearings pulled, cleaned and serviced where applicable – includes bottom bracket, hubs, headset and pedal spindles
  • Components rinsed, dried, lubricated and reinstalled
  • All new housing installed and cut to the perfect length – you even pick the color
  • Replacement components and new bar tape installed at no additional cost
  • Suspension services and Hydraulic Brake Bleed services will incur additional expense

Boxed Bike Build & Tune: Standard Road or Mountain… $75 – 100   Triathlon bike… $100– 175
Get Me Outta Here So I Can Go Ride!

  • Bikes pre-built by the manufacturer arrive at a shop, or your doorstep, in a box. We’ll unpack your new bike and finish what the manufacturer started. If you prefer, we can disassemble it entirely and perform a Pro Bike Build & Tune. Either way, your bike will ride like it was intended – fast and smooth. All bearings will be properly adjusted and all fasteners tightened and torqued to manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll even true your wheels and give your bike a thorough wiping down before we take it out for a test ride.

It’s Gotta be Perfect – Pro Bike Build & Tune: Road Bike… $175   Road Bike (Internal Cable Routing)… $195   TT Bike… $225   TT Bike (Electronic)… $250
It’s Gotta be Perfect! 

  • A bare frame and a pile of parts. That’s where we start with our Pro Bike Build. We’ve built hundreds, if not thousands, of bikes in this manner. That’s how pro team sponsors send out their frames and components. Building this way assures that every bolt is greased and properly torqued, and every cable and housing is cut to the perfect length. When all is said and tuned, no matter how you define yourself as a rider, your newly built bike is ready for your best and then some.

Frame Swap… plus $25 to appropriate bike build above
New Steed, Same Parts You’ve Come to Love…

  • If you’ve upgraded your frame, but want to reuse your current parts, we can perform a frame swap for you. It’s a little more involved than our Pro Bike build, as we have to take the parts off your current bike, then clean and reinstall them onto your new one – so we charge a bit more.

Pack Me Up – Box Bike for Shipping…$75
Bicycles need time away, too. 

  • You just provide us with your bike and we’ll do the rest. We meticulously disassemble and package your bike for commercial shipping. We even include a standard-sized bike box and packing materials. This service does not include shipping.


Guaranteed Service work. We guarantee all of our work for one month, excluding flat repairs.

Rush Service. Need service? But you’re looking to get your bike fixed before everyone else’s. We get it. That’s why we offer Rush Service – but it’ll cost you… Labor x 2

Estimates are always free. Always. When you bring in your bike for service, we always start with a free, no-obligation estimate of the work that will be needed. We’ll carefully inspect your bike and explain what work should be done, always respecting your choices and your budget. We do not start any work on your bicycle without letting you know first.

No appointment necessary. Walk in anytime. If you get caught out on a ride with a mechanical issue, you can always bring your bike in to us. If we can fix it on the spot, we will. If we need more time, we’ll let you know when to stop by and pick it up.

Appointments.  Your training schedule (or worse, your wife) won’t allow you to be without your trusty steed for too long? We understand, and have been there too. Well, that’s okay. We’ve got the ideal solution. Just give us a call, and we’ll book an appointment for you. We’ll need a non-refundable $25 deposit to hold your spot (it goes towards the work unless you don’t show). You’ll need to drop off your bike before close of business the night before your scheduled appointment date, and we’ll have your bike back to you after 5pm that very same day.

Last but not least, the Fine Print. Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice or at the discretion of the mechanic. All prices listed are for labor only and do not include parts. Installation of new parts, components and accessories is additional or as noted in each individual service package.

Certain equipment and services may incur additional charges, e.g., truing a carbon tubular wheel with hidden nipples, or running internal cables and housing. We’ll tell you if additional charges apply before starting work on your bike.

If a repair requires additional time to complete due to filthy, rusted or corroded mechanisms, an additional charge above the service package price may be assessed.