Fat Bike Rentals


Farley 9.8Does this Bike Make Me Look Fat? 

A ”fat” bike will take you where none of your other bikes will. It gets you the gawking (and jealous!) stares of friends and strangers alike. It is a true exploration bike…and it is so much fun to ride!  Once you’ve spent a winter outside playing on your fat bike in the snow, indoor cycling won’t even seem like an alternative anymore for staying in shape over the winter months.  Rent a Salsa MukLuk today! Looking to buy? We carry the brand new, completely re-designed Trek Farley. Stop in for a test ride today!

Fat Bike Rentals

You won’t understand why this bike is so much fun until you’ve ridden one! Call 315.446.6816 to reserve your bike.

Rental PeriodCost
Half Day, 2pm-6pm$50
Full Day, 10am-6pm$75
Two Full Days $125
Five Full Days$225


Need More Convincing to Give it a Try? 

Watch former Iditabike winner Mike Curiak`s video diary of his thoughts while transversing the Iditarod Trail from Knik to Nome without outside support… that’s no support from anyone… That’s an epic trip! It shows why these bikes were originally conceived for: adventure,exploring and racing in some of the wildest winter climates on Earth.

IditaTour: Part one. from lacemine29 on Vimeo.

Fat Bikes were created to go where other bikes may flounder.  With a  frame and fork that will accept 4″ – 5″ tires on 26″ or 27.5″ rim, fat bikes gives you a huge contact patch and lots of bump absorption.  It can get you over and through otherwise-unrideable terrain: ice, snow, sand, mud, wet rocks and roots. In many conditions, bigger is better. Take a look at all these people having fun on the trail AND in the snow….