Zipp Wheel Rentals


The name Zipp is synonymous with speed. If you haven’t ever ridden a pair you don’t know what you are missing! Our rental program gives you that chance. We’ll rent you a pair of ridiculously fast Zipp wheels for your next event for a fraction of what it cost to buy them.

Zipp wheel rentals: $175 for one week. Includes installation.

Zipp 808s, Zipp 808 front with Disc rear, Zip 404s, Zipp 303s, Zip 202s

*Please call 315-446-6816 to reserve your raceday wheels.

*We will need a valid drivers licence and credit card imprint, you are 100% responsible for any loss or damage

*The price of the rental covers the week-long rental period from Wednesday to Tuesday and also covers labor involved with swapping the cassette and adjusting the shifting.

*With all rental wheels, should you choose to buy a Zipp Wheelset from us within 30 days, the cost of the rental will be applied to the purchase price.

*All rentals require payment in full at the time of the reservation.