Service Policies and Fine Print



Depending on workload, minor repairs may be done while you wait but most service work must be put on our schedule.  If we can fix it on the spot, we will.  If not, we’ll let you know when to stop back.  Turnaround times are determined by parts availability and seasonal volume.  Being the only fair way, service is performed on a First Come – First Served basis.  Scheduling a service appointment ahead of time is a very good option during peak season.


All service starts with a free, no-obligation estimate of the work that appears to be required. Estimates and quotes can only be given in person with bike in hand.  Unfortunately, getting an estimate on bike repair isn’t quite the same as asking the cashier how much six Chicken McNuggets will cost you!   Issues and unforeseen circumstances can arise during service work and alter the original estimate.  If the difference is significant, a mechanic or service tech will contact you to ask for permission to proceed.  In an effort to expedite the service and cut out the phone tag, we suggest you provide a “call if over” amount when leaving a bike for service.  Most customers leave a reasonable buffer to assure their work order does not get held up.


We reserve the right to request a deposit or request service to be paid in full at the time of drop-off, in any situation.  We’d be lying if we told you it didn’t concern us when someone is willing to put $400 into a $100 bike.


Individual labor rates and service packages do not include any parts, unless noted in the service description.  Sometimes the replacement of small parts such as cables, tubes, brake pads, etc., is necessary to properly complete a requested service.  It is important to us that the service we provide is completed to our standards.  We reserve the right to refuse partial service.


Service and service package prices are subject to change at any time.  This doesn’t mean if we are having a slow week, we’ll try taking it out of your wallet.  It simply means that some repairs require additional time and shop supplies due to extremely dirty, rusted or corroded mechanisms.  In those cases, charges in addition to the requested individual service or service package price may be incurred.  Additional charges will not exceed our shop labor rate of $15 per ¼ hour.

Most people wouldn’t date a super model that didn’t shower, so don’t take it personally if we’re not excited to work on an unreasonably greasy or muddy bike.  If a drivetrain hasn’t seen the light of day in two years or the bike left a trail from our front door to our service counter; we might choose to go ahead and clean it up before we service it.  It’s not all great news…we’ll have to charge accordingly.


It can be tougher than it looks to jam your bike into the back of your 75mpg two-door speck… Not to mention, it can take a toll on your bike.  We don’t have a real structured program for this but we have a sweet store van and we’re willing to drive it to your house.  We ask that you’re flexible regarding scheduling and that you gladly pay the $20 fee each way.  Delivery is not our thing but we’ll make it happen.


Any bicycle or part left with Syracuse Bicycle more than 45 days will incur a $5/day storage fee.  Bicycles or parts left for more than 90 days without proper arrangement, will be considered abandoned and property of Syracuse Bicycle.  Syracuse Bicycle is absolutely not responsible for bicycles or parts left beyond 90 days.  In the event someone is sent “away” for a while, and we can verify it with a Google search, storage fees and terms of abandonment will be waived.  It happens…


We’re admittedly, not big fans of this offering but lately, more and more have requested this service.    Our service is scheduled on a First Come – First Served basis.  When someone comes in and pleads their case, as to why their bike needs to be completed before everyone else’s, we don’t have to agree but at least now, we have an option.  If their work order is pushed to the front of the line, it means someone is working extra hours to get that bike done, in addition to the daily workload.  We’re not fans of it and we’d prefer not to offer it but we’re here for you.  The cost is the respective service charge times 2.


All individual service packages carry a 30 day warranty.  Not many of us here of us can count to 30 very well and we’re not real sticklers unless we need to be.  If it’s reasonable…we more often will take the extra step to make our customers happy.  No promises – the warranty is 30 days.   Warranty does not cover service required as a result of crash damages, improper use or abuse, improper storage and tube punctures resulting from road or rim debris.

All installed parts carry the manufacturer’s warranty.  No additional coverage is offered.  If the part was purchased from Syracuse Bicycle, we will aid the best we can in the warranty process.  Customer is responsible for all warranty return associated shipping charges and in some cases, handling fees.  We do not warranty parts not purchased from Syracuse Bicycle.