Our Staff


Paul Komanecky – Owner

Paul has been at Syracuse Bicycle since it was spelled Wayne’s Bike Shop. He enjoys mountain biking locally and setting the shop radio to the Grateful Dead.

Specialty: Feeding



Jim Lampman – Sales/ Inventory Guru

Jim has been at Syracuse Bicycle since 2010 and has an impressively extensive knowledge about bikes and all-bike related things for someone who prefers competitively long-distance running. Jim likes his donuts old-fashioned and has a dislike of new things.



Brian Kiggins – Service Manager 

Brian Kiggins knows everything there is to know about bikes and parts. The shared knowledge between Brian and Jim is more than the rest of us combined. Brian likes to refer to his bench as a bay and pretend he’s a car mechanic sometimes.


Brian Hidy – “Resident Educator”/ Sales

Brian is a middle school teacher by day, and teaches our New Bicycle Orientation classes by night. Brian’s love for bikes goes waaaaaaay back to the 80’s. He’s dabbled with all sorts of bikes, but found home in gravel. Since he also enjoys his secret skill of swimming, he is what we call “tri-curious,” but as president of our Syracuse Bicycle Men’s Team, most of his time is on the bike.



Zak Field – Sales

Zak Field comes from a motocross background, so upon working at Syracuse Bicycle he quickly took a liking to mountain bikes, but you’ll occasionally find him on the road as well. Zak claims to ride bikes for a “good time” and likes to chase his rides with a cold beer.

Specialty: Wheelie-ing everything.






Dennis Sackett – Mechanic

At only 24, Dennis has 5 years experience wrenching locally. Dennis rides and used to race all types of bikes, but now his days off involve hammock naps, meat grilling, and blowing up his air mattress and floating down the St. Lawrence River.




Mia Tomasello – Marketing & Events Coordination/ Sales

Mia used to race road bikes for Syracuse University, but since working at the shop with a bunch of boys, she listens to Phish, spends her weekends in Vermont, and rides mountain bikes. She organizes all the fun events for the shop mainly because she likes taking the shop van for a spin.


Fun fact: You can in fact have mono for six months.

Tyler Field – Sales

Tyler “younger Field”, a fisheries science graduate mostly likes to hang out with fish. In his spare time he is an avid mountain biker and occasionally dabbles in road bikes. He is interested in getting into racing, but mostly just likes fish.

Favorite post ride/ mid-sales floor eats: Mac n cheese


Tyler Simpson “Hugo” – Bike Builder

We call Tyler “Hugo” because he has a dog named Hugo. He’s from the Rochester area and rides mountain bikes. Hugo builds bikes for us, but also fights with Mia to take the shop van for a delivery every once in a while.







Dan “Baby Dan” Jeske  – Bike Builder

Baby Dan used to be our youngest, hence the name. You wouldn’t know how fast he is on a bike by his pace around the shop. He conserves all his energy for his collegiate road racing. He was once featured in the local paper for doing bike things back in the day. You’ll find him in the shop May-August building a few bikes and eating a yummy Price Chopper lunch. Ask him about his bleached hair. Did he lose a bet???





Drew Busa – Sales 

The new shop baby is Drew… but we just call him Drew. He rides most bikes, but really likes road bikes and shaved legs.





Chris Conklin – Sales

Chris rolls into work on his motorcycle on evenings after he works at what we in the biz call a “real job,” but don’t be fooled. He likes to ride bikes that require the good ol’ pedal too and competes in mountain bike races on occasion. We think he’d make a good bouncer, so we keep him on hand in case we have any stampedes at our annual Black Friday sale.




Mike Ketcham – Sales

Ketcham is our shop volunteer firefighter. When one of us screws up the schedule he walks in all calm, cool, and collected with his shirt and tie from his “real job” ready to rip through those buttons down to his Syracuse Bicycle shirt and diffuse the situation.



Kevin Patrick “KP” – Mechanic

KP is all about the tricks and pics. He is a local BMX legend and does stuff in the parking lot that has us taking second glances at our insurance policies.









Rob “Brother-Man” Branchau – Previous Sales 

Rob used to be a manager, but now he’s leaving us for the West Coast. If you’ve ever heard him talk, you’d know why. He stills comes in occasionally to point some finger guns.

Dan Button – Previous Sales Manager

Sometimes the goat-life chooses you. Dan Button helped us bring our sales and service up to par in our early days on Erie Blvd and then retired to his country living with his family and barn animals including Timmy (pronounced TIMMAY) the goat. Follow his produce here on Facebook.