Our Staff


Paul Komanecky – Owner

Paul has been at Syracuse Bicycle since it was spelled Wayne’s Bike Shop. He enjoys mountain biking locally and setting the shop radio to the Grateful Dead.

Specialty: Feeding

Jim Lampman – Sales/ Inventory Guru

Jim has been at Syracuse Bicycle since 2010 and has an impressively extensive knowledge about bikes and all-bike related things for someone who prefers competitively long-distance running. Jim likes his donuts old-fashioned and has a dislike of new things.

Brian Hidy – “Resident Educator”/ Sales

Brian is a middle school teacher by day, and teaches our New Bicycle Orientation classes by night. Brian’s love for bikes goes waaaaaaay back to the 80’s. He’s dabbled with all sorts of bikes, but found home in gravel. Since he also enjoys his secret skill of swimming, he is what we call “tri-curious,” but as president of our Syracuse Bicycle Men’s Team, most of his time is on the bike.

Zak Field – Sales

Zak Field comes from a motocross background, so upon working at Syracuse Bicycle he quickly took a liking to mountain bikes, but you’ll occasionally find him on the road as well. Zak claims to ride bikes for a “good time” and likes to chase his rides with a cold beer.

Specialty: Wheelie-ing everything.

Dennis Sackett – Mechanic

At only 24, Dennis has 5 years experience wrenching locally. Dennis rides and used to race all types of bikes, but now his days off involve hammock naps, meat grilling, and blowing up his air mattress and floating down the St. Lawrence River.

Mia Tomasello – Marketing & Events Coordination/ Sales

Mia began racing road bikes for Syracuse University as an undergrad. Since graduating, she hasn’t stopped riding (except that one time she had mono for six months) and is excited to expand into mountain biking in the near future. She now races for our women’s Cork Monkey team, but mostly likes taking the shop van for a spin.

Tyler Field – Sales

Tyler “younger Field”, a fisheries science graduate mostly likes to hang out with fish. In his spare time he is an avid mountain biker and occasionally dabbles in road bikes. He is interested in getting into racing, but mostly just likes fish.

Favorite post ride/ mid-sales floor eats: Mac n cheese